Are you fully appreciating your life?

10 04 2010

As humans, it is impressively easy to take things for granted. Just look at these few examples:

Food: Go to the store, buy, eat. Repeat. No questioning where it comes from, what’s in there, how is it fueling your body, will there still be more of it next week. Nah. It’s food, tastes good. Ever heard of that question asked to a kid, “Where do eggs come from”? He answered “the grocery store”. Yep, they magically appear there.

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Riding On Dragons

28 03 2010

Good day to all!

Just a quick note to let you know I’ve been requested a guest post from one badass dude known as Adam T. Glass.

This guy amuses himself with 48kg (104lbs) kettlebells. I’m just saying. Go read his stuff!

Oh, and said guest post can be found here. By clicking on the link. It’s about dragonboat racing.

EDIT: A part of the text is inspired by my team’s inner philosophy. By the way, here’s my team’s website. Take a look! (click here for an automated translation)

Tell me what you think. Makes you want to try it out?


So… what’s next?

25 03 2010

So in the last couple of weeks, I’ve achieved 3 of my challenges! I am rather proud (read: I feel awesome) to finally be making some tangible progress. I hope you enjoyed it, too!

I promise I’ll try not to hit my proud swollen head on door frames.

Now, far from being one to rest on my laurels (it’s not even comfy), I’m looking at my list and I still got quite a lot of work ahead!

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Challenge #5: Where I Sing Just Like a Lady

18 03 2010

(Okay, maybe not)

Here you go! The karaoke challenge!

I apologize in advance for the poor audio… it’s the best I could do in a bar setting.

Hope you enjoy! Feel free to post your impressions in the comments (bonus points to the one who can describe my poor voice the best)

Now I can move on to the next challenges… some are going to be really tricky!


The Juggling Challenge: Finally!

14 03 2010

I did it! Yay!

After 3 tries with 3 different songs, YouTube accepted my audio. Shut up YouTube, I give credits at the end, dammit!

Anyway, let’s stop the ranting… Enjoy the vid!



4 Tips for Iron-Hard Relentlessness

9 03 2010

So um, let’s call this little hiatus of posting an Olympic break, shall we? 🙂

Talking about Olympics, it was a pretty amazing event. Even more so, I think, from a Canadian perspective! (Yea I’m biased, so what?) – 14 Gold Medals, are you kidding me?! And 26 medals total! Congratulations to ALL the canadian Olympic athletes.

One special mention, of course, to Joannie Rochette and her hard-earned Bronze Medal in Figure Skating. In case you’ve been living under a rock or gone at a trip to Mars, you probably heard about her tragic loss and how she overcame it, STILL going out there and giving her best. TWICE.

She was an inspiration to all of us, and a brilliant example of relentlessness. (I like that word, “relentlessness”. Sounds smart, doesn’t it?)

So, how can we use this inspiration and become just as relentless? Here are a few tips:

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The V-Day Challenge: I DID IT!

16 02 2010

I might post later to add some comments.